My prints have gone to the pub!

One last bit of awesomeness to end the year: here are my prints hanging in the newly and beautifully refurbished The Drummond at Albury.

This glorious gastropub is nestled in the Surrey Hills and well worth a visit—not just for the prints, though it’s always nice to see them in person—I have it on very good authority that the food is delicious and the wine lists are pretty awesome, too!

Many thanks to Kim at Peach Pubs for reaching out and the lovely photos are by Case Eames.

‘English Bulldog’ open edition relief print now available

My latest commission is not a Christmas present, so I can share Huey the English Bulldog in all his handsome glory.

I’m excited to show you this print as it’s by far and away my most ambitious yet.

I loved cutting every single one of Huey’s hairs—which is lucky because there were a LOT of hairs to cut on this block!—and most of all relished capturing his expression.

Black and white relief printing is a pretty exacting medium; there’s no colour to hide behind and you’re left with just mark making to show reflections in the eyes, how muscles look under the skin, and in which direction the hair grows.

I think this is why I love it so much, it’s just me, the “sitter” (good sit, Huey, good boy!), the lino, and my trusty tools.

Huey’s owner has very kindly given me permission to sell prints of this handsome boy, if you’d like your very own English Bulldog print.

If you’d like to discuss a commission for yourself, please contact me and we can have a chat about subject matter, prices, and timescales.