I am an artist printmaker specialising in animals and the natural world. As a child, I spent a lot of time out in the countryside watching the ever-changing cast of characters who appeared as the seasons changed.

My early career was all about words, images and very often, books. I worked as an illustrator and graphic designer in publishing while in my own time acquiring and developing skills in several art and craft disciplines. A conversation with an artist friend about linocutting piqued my interest and I began to experiment with some offcuts of linoleum tile and a tiny 0.5mm gouge lent to me by the same generous friend. The loan soon became permanent as it became clear that linocutting encapsulated everything I loved about my life in publishing but it had something more: linocutting is completely hands-on. Something that very much appealed to me after years of screen work. There is no “Undo” button while you’re cutting lino.

I have not always been a printmaker, but I’ve always been an artist. Even when I wasn’t drawing or painting, nature was never far from my thoughts and I would get out into it as much as I could. And even now—especially now—dewdrops caught in an autumnal cobweb or the first sighting of the tiny Holly Blue flitting over the Tulips in late spring still make my heart race. Over the years I have gained a deeper appreciation of the natural world and its fragility, and I strive to capture my deep, heartfelt love in every print.

A photo of the artist with her left shoulder to the camera, her face is lit as far as the back of her neck which is in shadow. The wall in front of her has a shadow which stops just as her face stops being lit and goes into shadow.