Artist’s Statement

The bold and immediate nature of my work as a designer and illustrator shows through both in the structure of my designs and the use of a single colour in my prints. My patient cutting skills are clear in the mark-making; I savour the fact that the movement of a pelt in water or the dappled markings of a feather can be captured with nothing more than lino, ink and gouge. It sounds simple, but relief printing is an exacting medium that requires a methodical and precise approach to designing and cutting teamed with a kind of zen understanding that all could be lost at any moment with a slip of the gouge.

I appreciate the wider beauty of both natural and man-made environments but I am particularly drawn to the small and fleeting. These moments can be as simple as a leaf backlit by low evening sun or an architectural shadow on a concrete wall, but it is my encounters with wildlife that burn the brightest in my memories. Treasured encounters from my childhood in Kent and Sussex and the magnificent fens where I currently live are executed with a natural feel for composition, close attention to detail and a deep understanding of animals in their environment.