The Print Making Process

I care about the natural world and want to be responsible about my print-making process from start to end.

The ink I used is oil-based archival quality, but can be cleaned up with soap and water (no need for scary chemicals).

Your print will be delivered in a recycled, recyclable cardboard and paper envelope or a sturdy cardboard tube depending on its size.

The print itself is wrapped in a bio-based film made of GM free woodpulp sourced from sustainable managed locations. The film is Home Compostable and can also be put in your garden waste recycling bin. This replaces the single-use cellophane plastic that is more usually used for protecting prints.

There is also a recycled, recyclable corrugated cardboard bumper in the envelope to further protect your print from damage in transit.

Even the tape is paper-based rather than plastic. It’s not as pretty as clear tape, but if it’s eaten by an animal, it won’t do any harm, unlike its plastic counterpart.

Greetings cards are posted in recycled, recyclable cardboard and paper envelopes.

I use Pfeil tools to cut the main part of my designs. I have tried other gouges but find that the Pfeil work for the way I cut.

When it comes to clearing away material outside of the design, I use a large flat U gouge. I found this in a pretty sorry state on a vintage tools stall at the local market. It’s actually a woodworking tool, but once I’d spruced it up and sharpened it—it had completely lost its cutting edge—I discovered that it’s great for clearing away large areas of lino very quickly... and it has that lovely patina that tools get from lots of use.


Insured delivery by courier is £5 to all UK addresses. This usually takes 48 hours, but times are subject to change at the moment.

If you’re based outside the UK, please contact me to enquire about shipping.

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I must confess though, I will almost definitely use your generous donation to buy ink and paper so I can keep making my prints! 😉